Speedometer = Instantaneous Rate of Change

Here’s my idea for my introduction to rates of change:

Thanks to a comment in Shawn Cornally’s blog, I found this YouTube video that I was hoping to use to teach rates of change.  Tell me your palms don’t sweat when you watch it.

My first thought when I saw this video was how quickly it would hook the student’s to ask questions.  Was that you, Mrs. Lyon?  Who was it?  Where were they? What kind of car?  Eventually, we’d get to: How far did that car go?  We’d go through estimations and could even get to limits… but this is integral calculus.  I need to teach differential calculus first.   I need an odometer…

So I cropped that video and made this one:

The audio alone makes my palms sweat.  But now I can get them to think about rates of change.  How fast is it going?  See the jolts when it changes gears?  How many gears?  How fast was it going when he changed gears?

And I’m pretty sure that odometer is in kilometers.


2 responses to “Speedometer = Instantaneous Rate of Change

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  2. Love this! But agree that the cropped version could prompt more questions. BUT, the video is no longer working. Can you help me out?

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